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Plaid and Pine Shop

Wooden Stacking Toy

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Plaid and Pine Shop Wooden Stacking Toy is designed to help with fine motor skills from pincer grip to hand eye coordination while encouraging independent learning.  Our Wooden Stacker Toy is a toy that is made to last and be past on from generation to generation. 

Plaid and Pine Shop Wooden Stacking Toy is made from Maple Hardwood that is coated in a food safe, solvent free, non toxic wood finish, which makes it safe for your little ones if put it in their mouths. 

Wooden Stacking Toy may vary slightly in color from picture. 

Dimensions are 6" wide x 6" tall x 6" long

Orders are typically shipped, or locally delivered, within 3-5 business days based on material availability. 

**Adult supervision is required whenever the child plays with the stacking toy, wooden dowel can cause injury if child was to fall on it** Always Play Safe**