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Plaid and Pine Shop

Wooden Play Cube

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Plaid and Pine Shop Wooden Play Cube is the perfect addition to your kiddo's play space.  As your child grows you can add our Pikler Ramp then our Adjustable Pikler Triangle to help build their fine motor skills through imaginative play!

Plaid and Pine Shop Wooden Play Cube is shipped in 1 Box fully assemble and ready for play as soon as its unpacked. Our Wooden Play Cube is coated in a food safe, solvent free, non toxic wood finish, which makes it safe for your little ones if they try to put any part of the cube in their mouths. 

Plaid and Pine Shop's Wooden Play Cube is 20" tall, 20" wide and 20" long.

Cube frame may vary slightly in color from picture due to discrepancies in wood grain. 

Orders are typically shipped, or locally delivered, within 3-5 business days based on material availability. 

**Adult supervision is required whenever the child plays on the cube, recommend for ages 2 and up!**