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Wooden Baby Rattle

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Wooden Baby Rattle is the perfect way to nurture your babys development. Crafted from natural, high-quality wood, this rattle is an essential tool for early childhood development. Designed to stimulate and engage, your little one will love exploring the world around them with this Montessori-inspired toy.

The Wooden Baby Rattle is ingeniously designed with multiple sensory features. Your baby will be captivated as they explore the smooth and tactile surface of the wood. As they move the rattle, theyll discover the gentle rattling sound that it produces. This sound is perfect for helping your child learn to distinguish between noise and silence. The Wooden Rattle encourages your baby to use their fine motor skills to grip and move the rattle. As they learn to do this, they will also gain important coordination skills, helping them to develop and grow.

The Wooden Baby Rattle is an ideal size for your little ones small hands, making it easy for them to grip and manipulate. The rattle is lightweight and easy to move, allowing your baby to take it wherever they go. 

Made from Maple Wood the entire product is coated with food safe Tung Oil. Wipe clean with soap and water Do Not fully submerge in water. 

The Wooden Baby Rattle is 6.5" long, 2' wide 

**Recommended for children 2 months and up, use under supervision and always inspect toy for any loose parts before play begins!**