Footrest Installation and Care

Plaid and Pine Shop Adjustable Pine Footrest Canada

Step. 1 Install O-rings

Start by wiping down the legs of the highchair and wash the O-rings with dish soap and water and pat dry with a cloth. Install O-rings on the front 2 legs of the highchair. Each leg gets 2 O-rings. Make sure you leave 1 O-ring on one of the legs down low.

Plaid and Pine Shop Adjustable Pine Footrest Canada

Step 2. Place the Footrest

Now that one O-ring is significantly lower than the other, feed the footrest on the opposite site first, and the rotate it upwards. Having that O-ring low allows room for the footrest to rotate into place.

Plaid and Pine Shop Adjustable Pine Footrest Canada

Step 3. O-ring Placement

Lift up the O-ring that was previously down low to the same level as the O-ring on the opposite leg. This is where you adjust the proper height to suit the needs of your baby by raising or lowering the O-ring and by making sure that both O-ring are at about the same height. Their feet should be resting on it, but not so high that this forces their knees up.

Plaid and Pine Shop Adjustable Pine Footrest Canada

Step 4. Secure the Footrest

Now that the footrest is at the desired height, bring the O-rings that were first placed up high, down to meet the footrest. These O-rings make sure that the baby cant kick upwards to remove the footrest themselves. To guarantee proper orientation, place the "Plaid and Pine Shop" logo facing upward. this insures that the wedge shape at each end of the footrest will engage with the O-rings. This wedge shape give the footrest more downward pressure strength.

**Because of the weight it can handle, we strongly urge all parents to make use of the safety seat belt that is available with the highchair, failing to do so may result in injury**

Plaid and Pine Shop Adjustable Pine Footrest Canada

Care & Safety

Our Adjustable footrest is coated with a child safe non-toxic polyurethane and requires no addition wood treatments. For clean up, a damp rag is best what we recommend and to wipe it dry afterwards. We urge all users to use the seat belt when using the footrest since the introduction of a footrest gives the opportunity for the child to possibly crawl out of the highchair, and should NEVER be used without parental supervision. The footrest has been designed with a "wedge shape" to be used on the underside as show in the picture. This allows the footrest to tighten in place when pressure is added to it. If slippage occurs, try cleaning the bars on the highchair and washing the o-rings. Residual oils may be present and could prevent the footrest from gripping onto the bars.