Le repose-pieds de la chaise haute IKEA

Is your little one constantly wiggling around while seated in their highchair? Are you finding it difficult to get them to concentrate on eating? If you answered yes to one of the above questions we have the right item for you! Our footrests are proven to help your little one feel more comfortable while eating by giving them foot support. 

The Benefits!

Promotes proper posture while eating and helps reduce fidgeting which allows your child to concentrate on eating.Comfort is a big thing and babies know that, if they are uncomfortable during meal time chances are they are not focused on eating what is in front of them.Having a footrest also helps babies focus on developing their fine motor skills which allows them to feed better. These certain fine motor skills include, learning to use a spoon, picking up small items of food, biting and chewing. By providing your child with a comfortable position to eat in you are allowing them to work on achieving those milestones.

Placement and Design!

Before installation insure the highchair legs and o-rings have been cleaned with soap and water, even if your highchair is brand new. To prevent slippage during the duration of your child using the footrest we recommend you clean the legs and o-rings at least once a month to help keep the footrest in the proper positions.Plaid and Pine Shop’s unique bottom notch design helps prevent footrest from slipping. We designed our footrest to work with the o-rings as one unit which keeps the footrest secure and on the highchair even when your little one kicks at it! For our design to properly work you must insure the bottom o-rings are wedged into the bottom notch at all times this insures a snug and proper fit.Always make sure the child’s hips, knees and ankles are at a 90 degree angle while using the footrest. With our fast and simple adjustable design, you can make the necessary adjustments in seconds to keep your little one in the most comfortable position while seated.Easy adjustability allows the footrest to grow with your child from the early stages of food introduction until they are ready to transition to a table.

Collection: Repose-pieds pour chaise haute IKEA Antilop

Le repose-pieds réglable pour chaise haute IKEA Antilop, à partir de 26,99 $, est conçu pour améliorer la posture lorsque vous êtes assis dans la chaise haute. Tous les repose-pieds sont livrés avec 4 joints toriques en caoutchouc pour aider à maintenir le repose-pieds en place et les encoches permettent une installation et des ajustements faciles pendant que votre enfant grandit. La position idéale pour manger est les hanches, les genoux et les chevilles à 90 degrés avec les pieds sur une surface de soutien. L'utilisation de repose-pieds dans les chaises hautes favorise une bonne posture, ce qui facilite une déglutition en toute sécurité.

Nos repose-pieds sont recouverts d'un polyuréthane transparent qui rend le repose-pieds lavable avec un chiffon humide ou des lingettes, il ne nécessite aucun "entretien du bois". Les repose-pieds sont fabriqués localement à Morinville, Alberta, Canada dans un petit magasin familial.

Nous expédions au Canada, au Royaume-Uni et en Australie !

Repose-pieds pour chaise haute IKEA Antilop