Pandemic Baby Part 3

Pandemic Baby Part 3

In the months following the launch of our website Daniel was hard at work building the crib for our sweet girls nursery. This design is not our own, unfortunately he can’t take full credit for this build because me being a women and pregnant I was stubborn and wouldn’t let him build what he wanted.  Reason being, I liked the look of this design, sorry Daniel the pregnant women always wins! Long story short after many angry moments and lots of swear words regarding this build Daniel fixed the problems and Charlotte’s crib was finished! Lesson learned on my part when Daniel wants to design something I just let him do it! Lol

He did change the design of the crib a bit so that he can turn the back piece into a head board for Charlotte’s future “big girl” bed which I think is pretty neat! She will be able to keep using this piece for many years to come! My absolute favorite part about Charlotte’s room is that every piece was hand made by Daniel and myself which makes her nursery that much more special for us! 

The furniture for Charlotte’s room was the easy part for us, it took me until 3 weeks before she was born to finish painting and setting up her room. Working full time up until 6 weeks before my due date was extremely draining, mostly because I spent my days on my feet with very little time to actually sit and rest. When I stopped working on January 1, 2021 it was the first time in my entire pregnancy that I actually got to just “enjoy” being pregnant and well enjoy isn’t really the best word because I was at the most uncomfortable point in my pregnancy. 

From the swollen feet to a massive belly that didn’t allow me to sleep, to the unbearable heartburn that just wouldn’t end. I’m pretty sure I was “Tums” best buying customers over the past 9 months, I should have bought stocks in it! I swear it nearly killed me. But in the end it was totally worth all the discomfort because our baby girl came out with a full head of hair which according to old wives tales is why you have such bad heartburn! Who knows if that’s actually true...those old tales are kind of odd! Our delivery story was a bit of a ordeal but I won't get into that!

A Global Pandemic, this was not all how I ever thought my pregnancy would be. From lonely doctors appointment to giving birth with all the crazy rules and restrictions. For all the babies that were born during this, we as your parents are sorry you never got the big celebration that past babies got, no baby showers, no family visits at the hospital. But you “pandemic babies” have been such a blessing during such a scary sad time! As a new mom I wouldn’t change the time my child was born for anything. Even though this hasn’t been what I dreamed it would be, I still am so extremely grateful to have my sweet baby girl! 

Back to our shop, when we started our site we were only selling our footrests, but we have slowly added a few items which include our Adjustable Pikler Triangle & Ramp, 2in1 Kitchen Helper, Wood Balance Beam, The Keep Up and our newest addition our Sensory Bin End Table! Check out all our designs and more on our site. And you can follow along with us on our new adventure as parents on our Instagram and Facebook pages! 

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