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Pandemic Baby (Part 1)

When 2020 first started, did we think we would be where we are today? Hell no! First time parents in the middle of a global pandemic. How could anyone have predicted that this is what the world would be like? We definitely did not see any of this coming. Daniel and I were a part of the group of people that were laughing at the people over buying TP and bleach at the store 12 short months ago. Well little did we know that those "crazy" people would shortly be the only ones with TP while the rest of us were driving from store to store searching for the shelfs that weren't empty. I remember posting on Instagram about how all of this would be over in 2-3 weeks, maybe a month at the longest! Well I, like many other people, were so wrong. This year has been filled with so much sadness for so many people which is heartbreaking! From so many lost businesses to millions of lost loved ones, our thoughts and prayers are with all those who are suffering a loss during this terrible time! <3

2020 brought massive job loss for so many people, Daniel and myself included. In the midst of losing our jobs, Daniel and I sat down and started really talking about what our dream life would look like. When we first started talking about all this, we had no idea that Plaid and Pine would even be a business idea that would work. We had been running Plaid and Pine for about 3 years off just Facebook and Instagram, building/selling coffee and dinning room tables, and we were making no money at it! But in early February we started selling our footrests on Facebook Market Place, we got a few sales and we thought maybe Etsy would be the next BIG step for us to launch our shop. (insert eye roll emoji) haha

We were SO excited to launch our first Etsy shop on May 13, 2020. With zero idea of what we were actually doing, we shipped our first footrest to a small town in southern Texas. My goodness we were so lost when it came to absolutely everything, we had no idea how to ship something let alone how to go about packaging said item! In our first month on Etsy we sold 5 footrest and thought we were doing AMAZING haha. We kept our Etsy shop running for far to long even though we were still selling more footrests on FB and IG then on our Etsy shop! 

Fast forward 1 month to June when I found out I was pregnant with our first baby......Yes baby #1 was going to be a PANDEMIC BABY! Yikes what a weird and wild time to decide to start a family!!

Baby Leveille was given a due date of February 2021 when we thought the world be back to NORMAL! 

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I’m very impressed with your product and wish you continued success in your business . Beautiful baby

Donna Fedorus

Just read your first blog. Well done!wishing you continued success with your business as you nurture your beautiful baby

Myrna Fedorus

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