The unspoken parts of Motherhood!

As I write this my daughter is asleep on my chest having a nap because she’s overtired and wouldn’t go down in her crib! Before I started writing this I was just sitting in her nursery rocking her and crying happy tears! Crying has become a very common thing for me, I’m not afraid to admit that. I cry at least once a day, not all the tears are because I’m overwhelmed or sad, most are because I’m so in love with this little miracle that I created.

Motherhood is so much more then what people talk about, it’s the endless hours of worry and fear for every little thing, the messy hair, the stained clothes, the unbrushed teeth and being hungry all the time. The putting of someone else before yourself and letting the little things go because your baby is crying. The best thing I have done for my self is excepting that I can’t do everything myself, Daniel has been a big help in saving me from a full mental breakdown. He’s the calm level headed one who swoops in and takes over when I’m getting overwhelmed. Without him I would be lost during those hard times, yes I’m admitting that we have hard times too. Long evenings of crying, the countless moments of doubt that you are doing something wrong. But in all reality your baby is just overtired and is having a hard time settling. Those moments seem like they are never going to end but they do. And when they do end we give ourselves a pat on the back because we did good, we rocked, we bounced, we made the shushing sound over and over again until that sweet little girl calmed down.

It’s hard work and it’s thankless but oh man it is worth it! The days are extremely long and the nights can be very hard but I wouldn’t trade it for all the money in the world! So this evening I’m going to hold this sweet girl of ours and cry happy tears because I’m so incredibly in love with this tiny being! 

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