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The unspoken parts of Motherhood!

As I write this my daughter is asleep on my chest having a nap because she’s overtired and wouldn’t go down in her crib! Before I started writing this I was just sitting in her nursery rocking her and crying happy tears! Crying has become a very common thing for me, I’m not afraid to admit that. I cry at least once a day, not all the tears are because I’m overwhelmed or sad, most are because I’m so in love with this little miracle that I created. Motherhood is so much more then what people talk about, it’s the endless hours of worry and fear for every little thing, the messy hair, the stained clothes, the unbrushed teeth and being...

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Pandemic Baby Part 3

In the months following the launch of our website Daniel was hard at work building the crib for our sweet girls nursery. This design is not our own, unfortunately he can’t take full credit for this build because me being a women and pregnant I was stubborn and wouldn’t let him build what he wanted.  Reason being, I liked the look of this design, sorry Daniel the pregnant women always wins! Long story short after many angry moments and lots of swear words regarding this build Daniel fixed the problems and Charlotte’s crib was finished! Lesson learned on my part when Daniel wants to design something I just let him do it! Lol He did change the design of the...

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Pandemic Baby Part 2

What is it like to be pregnant during COVID you ask? Well it's insane to put it mild. When I first found out I was pregnant I actually thought I had COVID, I was so sick and literally had zero idea I could even be pregnant. June 17 was an interesting day, from calling and booking a COVID test to taking a pregnancy test, to phoning back and cancelling said test all in the same day! Stupid me I'll just say that next time around I will definitely know what's going on with me! haha  Being a first time mom during all of this was hard, you truly have no idea what's going on with your body on the best of days....

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